Carbonat Pro Instant (Grotech), 1000 g

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Carbonat Pro is an instant carbonat buffer that increases alkalinity and stabilizes pH. Content: 1000 gr (1Kg)

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Carbonat Pro Instant is a buffer mixture that increases the carbonate hardness and thereby the water alkalinity, helping to achieve a stable pH in an appropriate range for marine aquariums (8.0-8.3 points). The bicarbonate-carbonate system is consumed due to calcification in invertebrates, coralline algae, etc., as well as abiotic precipitation in certain areas of the aquarium.

We recommend keeping alkalinity values between 2.5-4.0 mEq/l (7-11dKH). It is also recommended to monitor the levels of calcium and maintain a stable ratio between them, as well as stable levels of magnesium to prevent excessive abiotic precipitation.

Content: 1000 gr.

Use / dosage:
A dose of 8 grams of Carbonat Pro Instant corresponds approximately to a level scoop and produces an increase in the hardness / alkalinity of 1dKH (approx. 0.35 mEq / l) per 100 liters of aquarium water. The product can be dosed directly in areas with good water flow but not directly on animals or invertebrates (eg in the sump).

If substantial deviations from the recommended values are detected, the correction will be made in several fractional doses over several days.


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