Freshtick 14 (Easy Reefs)

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Natural fishfood made of algae and aquatic invertebrates, as a powder. For omnivorous aquarium fish. Content: 14 gr

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Freshtick is the latest evolution for omnivorous freshwater fish developed by Easy Reefs, made with completely natural ingredients. It comes as a formable and adhesive paste that is received in the form of powder, easily rehydratable. This presentation also allows you to mix Freshtick with other ingredients such as shellfish, crustaceans, eggs, brineshrimp, vegetables, etc, as well as oral medications if necessary.

Once reconstituted and kneaded you can take small pieces and attach them to the crystals, wood, rocks, etc, without scattering in the aquarium water for hours, so that pollution is minimized.

You can keep the rest of kneaded Freshtick in the freezer, with a good storage for 5 weeks (keep closed to prevent oxidation and air-drying).

Content: 14 g.


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