Kit Profilux 3.1T ex - Mega PB 5.1

742,98 €

Kit composed of Profilux 3.1T eX computer, plug base powerbar 5.1-PAB, PAB cable (2m), pH probe, platinum conductivity probe, USB cable, calibrating solutions (pH7, pH9 and conductivity 50 mS)

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Kit Profilux 3.1T eX Mega is a kit composed of:
- 1 Profilux 3.1T eX computer with temp. sensor, power adaptor, USB cable and manual.
- 1 plug base powerbar 5.1-PAB
- 1 pH probe
- 1 platinum conductivity probe
- 1 PAB cable (2m)
- callibrating solutions (pH7, pH9 and conductivity 50 mS)

For more information please refer to: official manufacturer's page


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