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Eheim Pickup 160 internal filter

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Internal compact filter for small aquaria up to 160 litres. Very easy to use, it's completely equipped and ready to be used.

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The filter attaches easily to the tank pane with its suction cups. The filter canister together with its cartridge can be removed from above, while the pump unit remains attached to the tank. This is a very practical concept for cleaning or changing the filter cartridge. The pump sucks in the water from below and carries it through the filter cartridge to the top. Here the filtered water is directed back into the tank via the rotatable outlet nozzle.

- Size: 75 mm (width); 96 mm (depth); 218 mm (height).
- Outlet nozzle allows to adjust outflow direction.
- You can adjust output flow from 220 to 500 l/h.
- Complete with filter cartridge of foam; carbon cartridges may also be used if neccesary.
- Power: 6W.

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