Aiptasia-X by Red Sea, 60 ml

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Aiptasia-X de Red Sea is a safe and efficient remedy for anemones such as Aiptasia, Majano, etc. in saltwater aquariums. Contenido: 60ml

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Aiptasia-X Red Sea is a safe and very effective treatment against pest anemones in saltwater aquariums such as Aiptasia, Majano, etc. It is easily applied in the vicinity of the oral disc and does not trigger the usual withdrawal reflex, so anemone gets it inside. Once inside, the active agents (calcium and magnesium salts) are released , and within some minutes the animal collapses and dies without releasing planulae (Aiptasia larvae).

The kit includes 1 syringe (3 ml), straight and angled applicator and a container with 60ml of product, sufficient to treat approximately 100 Aiptasias. In the video below you can see the proper way of using the product easily and securely.

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