Joes Juice (DVH), 20 ml

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Joe's Juice by DVH is an efficient treatment against anemones such as Aiptasia, Majano, etc. in saltwater aquariums. Content: 20ml

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JoesJuice is an easy to use Reef safe Aiptasia Solution. Simply feed the anemone a small amount of JoesJuice and watch the results within minutes. Joesjuice is available worldwide since 2003.

· Reef Safe
· Feeding Aiptasia and Majano is simple
· Feeding can be done with the lights on
· Aitpasia and Majano DO NOT retract while being fed
· No injection required
· No need to siphon anemone out of tank after application
· Results in minutes not hours
· Applicator and tip included
· No effects on water chemistry

How to use JoesJuice:
· Turn off powerheads before feeding.
· Shake well before use.
· Fill supplied syringe and tip with 'patent pending' mixture.
· For Aiptasia: Gently place syringe over their mouth, feed anemone a small amount of mixture.
· For Majano: Spread a small amount of mixture at their center.
· Both anemones will consume the product.

What is JoesJuice made of?
JoesJuice is a proprietary aqueous solution of sodium, magnesium, calcium salts and calcium hydroxide.


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