GH & KH test Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

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For testing GH and/or KH levels of the aquarium water. Suitable for freshwater.

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Tests tap water and freshwater aquariums for general hardness (GH) and/or carbonate hardness (KH).

Rapid pH crashes are usually due to a too low carbonate hardness (<1-2 ºkH), combined with the presence of some acid accumulation (for example if you add CO2 or from nitrification). In the same way, a too high carbonate hardness may difficult the pH to come down to the desired level.

It's also important to check and control general hardness, which monitors divalent cation levels (Ca2+ and Mg2+ being the most relevant); this cations are related to fertility and proper immune function of mucose, amongst other issues, and should be fitted to those prevalent in natural habitat of the fish.


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