EasyRich 28 (Easy Reefs), marine phytoplankton

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Natural food made of a mix of microalgae to enrich zooplankton, packaged as an easy to use suspension in pods. Content: 28 doses

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EasyRich mineral suspension is a thick consistency mix of balanced marine microalgae with high nutritional value, ideal for enriching zooplankton crops prior to using them as food.
Composition: Isochrysis T-ISO (50%), Nannochloropsis (50%). These algae are very rich in essential fatty acids such as EPA, DHA and ARA.

EasyRich is part of the Easy Dose line, presented in user-friendly pods.

Instructions for use:
Rotifer enrichment and copepods: add 1.5 ml of Easy Rich to 50 ml of water and disperse if smoothly, then add this mix to 500 ml of the zooplankton crop to be harvested. Perform this procedure two hours before using this zooplankton as food for larger organisms.
Artemia enrichment: add 1.5 ml of Easyrich to 250 ml of water which is the same salinity than the brine shrimp culture, disperse it smoothly. Filter your brine shrimp culture through a mesh sieve and add them to the enriched water about 2-4 hours before being used as food for larger organisms.

Contents of this container: 28 doses.


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