Easy Booster Prof 1500ml (Easy Reefs), marine phytoplankton

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Natural food made of a dense mix of microalgae. Content: 1500 ml

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Easy Booster is a dense consistency mineral suspension containing a balanced mix of marine microalgae with high nutritional value. It is ideal to enhance and preserve the biodiversity of zooplankton in the marine aquarium, as well as for feeding corals and other filter feeders.
Composition: Isochrysis T-ISO (33%), Nannochloropsis (31%), Tetraselmis (18%), Phaeodactylum (18%)

Initial dose: 0.2 ml a day of easybooster per 100 liters of aquarium water. Weekly increase 25%, up to the daily maintenance dose, which is approximately 0.8 ml per 100 liters of aquarium water.

Easy Booster is not a suitable product to start phytoplankton cultures.

Contents of this package: 1500ml


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