The access and/or use of this website property of Fishroom Aquarium Center SL (from now on, FISHROOM) gives the condition of USER, who accepts, since that access and/or use, the general Terms and Conditions hereby exposed. These Conditions will apply regardless of the General Contractual Conditions which in any case would be of obligatory compliance.

Use of fishroom.es

FISHROOM grants access to a series of products, informations, data or services (from now on, 'the products and contents') in Internet that belong to Fishroom Aquarium Center SL or to its licensors. The user assumes all the responsibility for the use of this website. Such responsibility extends to the registration process that is neccessary to access some services or contents. During the registration process the user will be responsible for providing true and legitimate information. As a consecuence of this registration, the user will be given a password and he/she will commit to make a diligent and confidential use of it. The user commits to make a suitable and well intentioned use of services and contents which FISHROOM offers through its website, and explicitly -but not limited to- not using them for:

  • (i) carrying out illegal, illicit, unlawful or prohibited activities, or those that breach obligations of good faith, social customs or public order;
  • (ii) publishing contents of racism, xenophoby, pornography, apologies for terrorism or any that violates the international human rights;
  • (iii) cause damage to physical or logical systems property of FISHROOM, its providers or third people, introduce or broadcast in the internet software viruses or whichever other physical or logical devices able to cause the damages mentioned before;
  • (iv) trying to gain access and, in its case, use the email accounts of other users or manipulate their messages. FISHROOM reserves the right to withdraw and delete all those comments and communications that harm the neccessary respect to the dignity of every person, or that are discriminative, xenophobous, racist, pornografic, or that threatens young people or children, public order or security or that, under its own judgemente, are not suitable for publishing on its website. In any case, FISHROOM won't be held responsible for those opinions expressed by users on its website or through the services offered in it.



FISHROOM gives the condition of CUSTOMER to any person that access to fishroom.es and establish a trading relationship based on product purchasing and/or services provided by fishroom.es.

Legal warranties

All the products sold by FISHROOM are covered by a legal warranty given by the manufacturer, importer, or in some cases the warranty given directly by FISHROOM. In case a product fails during the warranty period and the failure corresponds with any of the terms of the warranty, the customer may contact directly with us and we will indicate the proper way to return the guaranteed product. Once the product has been received and checked for failure or damage it will be sent to the manufacturer for repairing -if possible-, or will be substituted by another one in new condition.

If the product is covered under the terms of the warranty,the costs for shipping and returning the product to the customer will be assumed by FISHROOM.


The customer will be able to know the prices of the products at any moment, whereas registered or not at fishroom.es, either by the general product catalago or at the shopping cart summary. The price of the products doesn´t include shipping costs, unless other way stated. Shipping costs are calculated automatically and shown to the customer as soon as he is registered at fishroom.es and indicates a delivery address. Every product prices and shipping costs shown at fishroom.es include taxes (VAT). Sales to non-EU countries, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are exempted from VAT and it'll be the customer responsability the proper settlement of taxes, duties or fees that are applicable; prices don't include taxes, duties or fees applicable in these cases.


With no need for explanations, customer is free to return any product within the period of 7 days from delivery. To return a product, the customer must contact us for indications on the return procedure. Once the product has been returned, our staff will check out its condition. In case the product is still in perfect condition (ie, to put it again for sale as a new one), FISHROOM will refund the whole price of the product. In case the product has suffered any kind of damage or depreciation or package breaking, FISHROOM will evaluate such depreciation and will be free to offer a partial refund of the price of the product at its own discretion. In case of perishable products, sealed containers and/or those packaged in a protective atmosphere (for example, foods, artemia cysts, chemical products, etc) no refunds will be made, except for those cases attributable to the manufacturer, such as composition or packaging defects, etc, in which the product will be covered by the terms of the warranty. In all the cases of return attributable to the customer wish, both shipping costs will be paid by the customer.

Shipping Terms and Conditions

Please check specifically our Shipping Terms and Conditions, which are included and are part of these General Terms and Conditions