All the payment options we offer meet the highest Internet shopping security standards.

Bankwire is ordered at the customer bank office or by means of customer secure bank webpage, and money is transfered from customer account to seller account through bank internal high-security nets.

Paypal is a very popular way to send money that works thanks to an intermediate, Paypal, who completely guarantees the security of the transaction as it wholly happens within its secure web environment,, under SSL protocol. Basically, once the customer is ready to checkout, an order summary will be offered and he will be redirected to Paypal's secure environment. Only at Paypal's webpage, the customer will complete payment, being it with funds from Paypal balance (in case customer has any) or from customer's own funds (from bank account or credit card). In any case, it's not neccessay to register as a Paypal user, though doing it makes operations easier. For further information, please visit

Credit/Debit card payment works through a secure gateway that links seller's webpage (in this case with the corporate server of the seller's bank. It is a system very similar to paying a producto in a real shop using a credit in a dataphone (point of sale, POS). That's why this system is usually referred as a "Virtual POS". The process includes the following steps:

  • Once the customer is ready to checkout, he/she will be offered an order summary and, if accepted, will be redirected to the seller's bank platform through the secure payment gateway.
  • There the customer will need to introduce the credit card data with which the customer wants to pay the order. This bank webpage acts like a "POS" and is out of our reach, so we cannot know in any way your credit card data.
  • There may be intermediate steps for an additional security, for example the customer's card bank may ask for some kind of password or additional measure to allow for the payment to be made.
  • Once the payment is correctly processed, our bank webpage will redirect the customer back to Fishroom's webpage, confiming that the order has been paid.