Coral Frag Plugs, ceramic (25 pcs), by Oceans Wonders

7,43 €

Ceramic plugs for coral frags, superdurable and completely inert and safe. Content: 25 pcs.

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Oceans Wonders ceramic coral frag plugs are a great choice because of their super strong base, sought by the exigent coral propagators. They fit nicely in most of the eggcrates used currently in coral propagation tanks.

This frag plugs are fired at nearly 2000ºC in a high temperature kiln making them 100% inert and safe. They don't need to be cured and are served dry, ready to use in your aquarium. Crown diameter: 18 mm; plug diameter: 10 mm; height: 22 mm (approx. measures +/- 1 mm)


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