Reef Glue (Seachem), adhesive for coral frags and aquarium rocks

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Cyanoacrylate-based dense adhesive for mounting coral frags and other parts in saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Content: 20 g tube

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Reef Glue™ is an adhesive gel based on cyanoacrylate, specifically created to glue and assemble coral frags, colonies and pieces of solid rock. Dense consistency allows good filling of the bonding surface and helps keep the frag in position during curing, which occurs in a few seconds. If necessary, it can be used underwater. It can also be used in freshwater planted aquariums, as well as for the production of rock structures, or repair of plastics.

Reef Glue™ comes in metallic tube that increases its durability compared to plastic containers. Format: 20 g tube.

Instructions for use:
- Dry with paper towel the excess of water from the surfaces to be bonded (not necessary they are completely dry).
- Dispense apart a small amount of adhesive (eg on a paper piece) to clean the applicator and refresh the glue.
- Apply a small amount on the rock, bring the piece to attach, place in position and hold for a few seconds while the adhesive hardens. Do not touch the adhesive with your fingers, because the skin will be easily stuck.
- Once attached, place the frag back in the water immediately.
- Clean the adhesive residue off the applicator tip after each application.

Note: we do not recommend the use of this type of adhesive for mounting of soft corals and other invertebrates which tend to release excessive mucus on its surface.


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