Aqua Medic Overflow Comb, 32 cm

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Detachable comb for aquarium overflows, made of two black plastic pieces.

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Overflow comb made of extremely durable black plastic, for the construction of aquarium overflows.
The excess water overflows easily through the comb teeth, and fish, plant matter and coarse particles are not allowed to enter the overflow. The product is made of two pieces, a holder and a toothed one. The holder is glued on the overflow chamber (i.e. with aquarium silicone) and, once cured, the overflow comb is pressed into the holder, whilst leaving it easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance.

- Length : 32 cm, (c. 12.8”)
- Height of holder 35mm, height of comb 45mm
- Tooth height: 21 mm, teeth spacing: 2.5 mm
- Overall height of comb in holder 60mm approx. (can be raised to 75mm)


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