Aquarium fan aFAN Pro (Aqualighter)

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Compact and stylish design fan, very easy to install, for aquariums up to 80 liters. It includes temperature probe and internal preset thermostat.
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The aFAN Pro Aqualighter fan is recommended for cooling aquariums up to 80L and can reduce the water temperature up to 4°C (depending on the ambient temperature, the volume of the aquarium and aquarium coverage).

The Pro model includes a temperature probe connected to an internal thermostat which is preset to 25ºC (not adjustable); the unit is switched off automatically after reaching that temperature. It also has a continuous operating mode.

- Aesthetic, compact design.
- Easily to place hung from the edge of the aquarium glass (maximum thickness: 8 mm)
- Easy installation and connection.
- Low power consumption.
- Contributes to remove the floating protein film off the water surface.
- Able to reduce between 2-4º water temperature of an aquarium up to 100L (under optimal conditions).
- You can connect to 220VAC power (adapter included) or the USB port of a computer.
- Both modes, continuous operation or automatic by probe thermostat (preset at 25 ° C, not modifiable).
- Airflow: 6.5 / 3.8 CFM
- Speed: 4500 RPM
- Noise level:> 37dBA
- Consumption: 1.9W
- Dimensions: 105x70x25mm


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