New Life Spectrum Thera A Formula 1 mm, 125g

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Complete and balanced fishfood, specially enriched with garlic to improve fish defenses, formulated in 1 mm sinking granules. Content: 125g.

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Thera A is a complete and balance diet, enriched with garlic, and suitable both for freshwater and saltwater fish. It's presented as 1 mm sinking granules. It is specially recommended to be used during strees and weakness periods of fish, such as quaratine and recovering from disease. Garlic contains substances that improve fish immune system and protect it from parasites. At the same time it increases the palatability of the food, pushing up fish apetite.

This fishfood is not a medicament by itself, so you should keep using the specific treatments for each kind of disease, at the same time that feeding with Thera A to speed up recovering.

Content: 125g.

How to use: feed twice daily your fish, the amount thay are able to take in 1-2 minutes.


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