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New Life Spectrum Grow Formula 0.5 mm, 50g

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A balanced daily diet that promotes growth of juvenile fish. Granules of 0.5 mm size. Content: 50gr.

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A balanced daily diet for all types of juvenile fish in growing phase, sized in 0.5mm sinking granules for easy feeding. It's high protein content (50%) and richness in omega-3 fatty acids makes it ideal to get a steady growth.

New Life Spectrum fishfood provides your fish with all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that they require. This comprehensive diet helps to maintain health and vitality, and provides essential elements found in the natural environment that are often missing from aquaria.

This food is simply made of the highest quality ingredients, with easy to digest nutrients and with no subproducts of soya bean. Its high nutritional density helps reduce waste, keeping a cleaner water.

Content: 50g (image shown may not be exactly equal to that of the current product).

How to use: feed twice daily the amount that fishes are able to consume in 1-2 minutes.


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