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Synthesis (Aquavitro - Seachem), 350 ml

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Synthesis™ is a concentrated nitrogen source, unique in that it provides nitrogen in nitrate, ammoniacal and urea forms. Content: 350 ml.

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Aquavitro Synthesis is a premium source of nitrogen for aquarium plants, that comes in a variety of forms (nitrate, ammoniacal, urea). While plants can use all three forms the form that is preferred varies by species.

Synthesis™ is a concentrated (32,000 mg/L N) nitrogen source. synthesis™ is unique in that it provides nitrogen in all three forms. About 50% of the nitrogen in this product is derived from an organic source (urea), while the remaining nitrogen comes from nitrate and ammoniacal types.

If you use this product with Aquavitro Activate (phosphorus supplement) at the recommended dose (7 mL/1000 litres) they will provide nitrogen and phosphorus in a 5:1 N:P ratio.

Content: 350 ml


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