Sponge filter BOYU SF-104

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Internal sponge filter designed to run inside the aquarium, powered by an air pump (not included) and completely detachable for appropiate cleansing.

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This simple internal filter works with the power of any air pump conected to it by means of a flexible hose. It can also be used as a prefilter for external filters or powerheads.

Sponge filters provide a suitable mechanical and biological filtration, according to the size of the filter and the bioload of the aquarium.
They are cost-effective as they consume only a tiny amount of power to pump the air needed.

Boyu SF-104 sponge filter is suitable for 40-150 l. aquariums (10-40 US gal.), aprox. At an optimal working regime it uses about 0,5-1,5 litres of air per minute.


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