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Masstick 70 (Easy Reefs)

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Natural food made of microalgae and crustaceans. It's packaged as a powder, ready to be mixed with water and molded. Content: 70 gr

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Masstick® is a natural food for marine fish and invertebrates (corals, crustaceans, moluscs, sponges, etc.) It's made of completelly natural marine ingredients such as marine microalgae and crustaceans.

Masstick® is packaged as a powder to be mixed with water and produce a moldable and adhesive paste. It can also be mixed with molusc and crustacean pulp, fish eggs, artemia, copepods, etc, as well as drugs. Once molded, small fragments are attached to the glass pane, rocks, died coral arms, etc.

Masstick® doesn't contain fish meal and that's why it produces a minimal impact on phosphate levels. Marine microalgae introduce a complete range of vitamines, essential fatty acids, aminoacids and protein.

Content: 70 gr.


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