Masstick 14 (Easy Reefs)

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Natural food made of microalgae and crustaceans, packaged as a powder, easy to be mixed with water to produce an adhesive paste. Content: 14 gr

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Masstick® is a natural food presented as a paste for both marine fish and invertebrates. It's made of natural ingredients such as marine microalgae and crustaceans. Masstick® is sold as a powder, ready to be mixed with water and produce a moldable and adhesive paste. It can also be mixed with your own molusc and crustacean pulp / flesh, fish eggs, artemia, copepods, etc, as well as drugs if neccessary. Once molded, small portions may be attached to the tank glass, surface of rocks, etc.

Masstick® doesn't contain fish meal and hence it produces a minimal impact on phosphate levels. Marine microalgae introduce a complete range of vitamines, essential fatty acids, aminoacids and protein.

Content: 14 gr.


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