dki Marine (Easy Reefs), 0.8 mm granules, 70 gr

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Natural fishfood 100% from marine origin, high quality compositioned, in the form of soft pellets. Grain size: 0.8 mm. Content: 70 grams.

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dki marine (Easy Reefs) is a very high quality food for marine aquarium fish, very similar to Masstick and equally prepared with crustaceans and plankton fully from marine origin, rich in high biological value protein and essential fatty acids. Raw ingredients have been grown and harvested in sustainable farming areas. It contains no compounds from land or freshwater, nor have been used attractants or artificial preservatives or synthetic products.

Soft pellets are highly suitable for the intestinal tract and do not need wetting before being eaten. It is irresistible to fish for its intense aroma and very easy to use. You only need to open the package to perceive the richness and purity of this product, and why fish love it so much and keeps them healthy.

It can also be used for feeding invertebrates such as coral LPS.


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