AquaLighter LED lamp 1 (90 cm)

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LED lamp for freshwater aquaria with an universal mounting system adaptable to many situations. Length: 90 cm.

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AquaLighter 1 description

AquaLighter 1 is an aquarium LED lamp series designed for freshwater aquaria which offers a universal solution for practically every situation, be it resting on the aquarium edges, hung, lying on a glass lid or anchored to the fluorescent bulb holders of a old-styled aquarium hood.
If you use it resting on the aquarium edges, this AquaLighter 1 model (90 cm) may be used in aquaria of up to 110 cm in length. It is equipped with a patented technology against moisture and splashes, so effective that it can even be immersed completelly in water for a shorte lapse of time.

What are the LEDs used in AquaLighter 1?

The LEDs used in AquaLighter 1 are OSRAM Duris E5 Cool White, made in Germany, with a Cool White hue and a color temperature of 5000-6500К.

Muestra la distribución espectral de emisión de los leds montados en pantalla para acuario Aqualighter 1
The light beam has a maximum aperture angle of 80°, thanks to which it can provide a more concentrated light flux, with a good penetration in 40-45 cm deep aquaria.

Electrical and luminous features of AquaLighter 1 (90 cm version)

It works with a safe voltage of 48VDC (110-230VAC, 50-60 Hz led driver included) and an current of 350mA, consuming a power of only 28W. The luminous flux has 2790 lm with a color temperature of 5000-6500K. It is IP67 rated.
Body color: black.
Size (body): 900 x 41 x 7.5 mm


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