AquaLighter LED lamp 2 (90 cm, black or silver color)

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LED lamp for freshwater aquaria with extended luminous spectrum and universal mounting system. Length: 90 cm, black or silver color.

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AquaLighter 2 series description

AquaLighter 2 is an aquarium LED lamp series with extended luminous spectrum, designed specially for freshwater aquaria, which offer a universal solution for practically every situation. You can rest it on the edges of the aquarium, hung it, simply lie it on a glass cover or anchored to the fluorescent bulb holders inside of a old-styled aquarium hood.
If you use it resting on the aquarium edges, this AquaLighter 2 model (90 cm) may be used in aquaria of up to 110 cm length. It is equipped with a patented technology agains moist and splashes, so effective that it can even be immersed completelly in water for a shorte lapse of time.

What are the LEDs used in AquaLighter 2 freshwater series?

The LEDs used in AquaLighter 2 for freshwater are CREE XB-D Cool White (8500K) and CREE XB-D Warm White (2700-3000K), made in USA by Cree company, already familiar to us by their highest quality and efficiency leds.

Muestra la distribución espectral de emisión de los leds montados en pantalla para acuario Aqualighter 2

Electrical and luminous features of AquaLighter 2 (90 cm model)

It works with a safe voltage of 48VDC (110-230VAC, 50-60 Hz led driver included) and an current of 350mA, consuming a power of only 33W. The luminous flux has 3240 lm with a color temperature of 6500-7000K. It is IP67 rated.
Body color: black or silver.
Size (body): 900 x 50 x 15 mm


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