ECOPlant LED light (Aqua Medic), 30 cm, 2 x 18W, for planted aquariums

177,02 €

LED display designed for planted aquariums, including high efficiency LEDs with a total power of 36W, and a length of 30 cm.

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Aqua Medic has designed Ecoplant LED specifically for planted freshwater aquariums, combining LEDs with cool (6500K) and warm light (3500K) to produce a light similar to natural daylight, with colors rich in nuances and with a suitable spectrum for plant growth. The lenses used have an angle of 70°, ensuring good distribution of light while avoiding its loss outside the aquarium.

The light body is built in a anodized aluminum to optimize heat dissipation making unnecessary the use of fans, so it is completely silent. It includes height-adjustable side supports that allow comfortable positioning resting on the edge of the glass panes.

Power is supplied by a 24V power supply, ensuring electrical safety of the device.

Ocean Light LED Control controller (optional, not included), also by Aqua Medic, provides independent dimming in two channels, simulating sunrises, sunsets and moonlight if desired.

Ecoplant 2x18W LED 30 features:
· Maximum power of LEDs: 36 W (12 LEDs of 3W)
· Distribution of LEDs: 8 cool light (6500K) and 4 warm light (3500K), arranged in a double row.
· Screen size (approx.): 300 x 210 x 25 mm
· For aquariums with a length between 30 and 50 cm.


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