Fluval C3 power filter

36,32 €

Power Filter designed to provide maximum surface area and optimum dwell times, for aquariums up to 190 litres.

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Engineered to create superior water quality, the Fluval C3 Power Filter provides extensive 5-stage filtration-two mechanical, one chemical and two biological stages-for outstanding results.
The result is clean, clear and healthy water for aquarium life to thrive in. The Power Filter also features a patented refiltration control system that lets you slow down the water output, creating a gentle flow to protect delicate fish and plants. At the same, a slower water circulation increases water dwell time in the filter, resulting in cleaner aquarium water.


Fitxa teknikoa

220-240V AC
Waterflow output
580 l/h maximum
For aquariums up to aprox.
190 liters

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