Aluminum heatsink for high power leds, 895 x 140 x 20 mm

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Aluminum heatsink sold as a bar, for high power led cooling. Length 89,5 cm, width 14 cm, height 2 cm.

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Aluminum heatsink for high power led cooling. It has a flat side where leds can be placed onto, by means of an adhesive or thermal paste. The piece is sent as originally obtained from extrusion, hence it can show some minor grooves and marks on its smooth face. Though usually it is not neccessary, a mild polishing of this face can increase heat transfer between led and heatsink.
The opposite side is longitudinally finned to increase heat dissipation.

- Length: 89,5 cm
- Width: 14 cm
- Height: 2 cm
- Number of fins: 19
- Base thickness: 2 mm
- Fin height: 18 mm


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