Air Pump Secoh JDK-30

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JDK 30 Air Pump provides a compact, high durability, energy saving air pump, with a production of 41 l/min at 100mbar (58 l/min at 0 mbar - open outflow)

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The Secoh JDK Pump series offers the user a reduced power consumption (up to 30% less than their predecessors) which makes this pumps the most efficient blowers of their range. The new auto-stopper design overcomes application issues like offset magnets through its ability to help guide the magnet when the diaphragms become weakened through over pressurisation, or when replacing diaphragms.


  • Compact design and lighweight
  • Low noise level: 32 dB (A)
  • Low energy consumption: 25 W
  • High quality plastic / metal housing (depends on model)
  • New Auto-stopper design
  • Connecting hose included

Secoh JDK 40 technical datasheet

Secoh JDK 40 performance data

The JDK-models feature less energy consumption (up to 30% - depending on the application) and less overall dimensions (also by about 30%) compared to the SLL- and EL-series. This makes the class not only more compact, but also lighter.

Long life expectancy
Motor and pump parts are combined in one single construction. The compact and light construction form and the simple mechanism guarantee a long and reliable period of operation.

High degree of efficiency
The principle of electromagnetic oscillation, which practically has no mechanical friction, minimises power consumption and provides a high degree of efficiency.

Low noise level
The soundproof casing and the muffler integrated in the tank base reduce operating noise.

Low vibration
Motor and pump parts are separated by a vibration-isolating rubber, so only low vibration consists.

Completely oil-free
The oil-free operation guarantees a dry and unadulterated air flow.

Pulsation-free air flow
Specially formed pump chambers and the muffler integrated in the tank base provide an air flow, which is practically pulsation-free.

The SLL, EL and JDK series are rainproof and weatherproof. However, they should not be exposed to direct sunlight, rain or snow.

Universal service kits
For each model series service kits are available. They are vacuum-packed in aluminium foil for better and longer life/ storage.


  • Water treatment and environmental technology
  • Aquaculture
  • Medical and health technology
  • Aeration of fuel cell stacks
  • Aqua-air-lights and design pillars

Fitxa teknikoa

220 mm
177 mm
221 mm (withoud power cord)
220-240 AC
25 W
Airflow (at 0 mbar)
41 litres/minute
Airflow, free output (0 mbar)
58 litres/minute
Output pressure
320 mbar maximum
Noise level
32 dB(A)
Connection diameter
19 mm outside, non-threaded
4.5 Kg
For freshwater
For saltwater
White, green cap

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