Sterile transfer pipette, sterile, 50 uds

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Sterile polyethylene pipettes, graduated every 0,5 ml up to 3 ml, wrapped individually.

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Sterile pipettes wrapped individually, specially designed for those applications in which a high level of cleanliness or sterility is needed. Pipettes are very useful at the daily labour of the breeder, as they ease routine tasks such as:
- Water sampling for analysis.
- Small volume disolution stirring.
- Fertilizer dosing, chlorination and dechlorination, drugs dosing, etc.
- Capture and transference of just hatched fry.

This pipettes are made of low density PE and allow for sampling and transferring liquids with a precision of 0,5 ml and a maximum graduated volume of 3 ml. Each pipette is safely wrapped in a plastic "peel-pack" and once opened can be used several times, though it's advisable to use a different pipette for every different task, hence avoiding liquid mixing and contamination.


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