Artemia Cysts - 25g

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Essential livefood for fry during the first weeks of life, these artemia cysts have a high hatching rate (>80%)

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Artemia cysts collected from salted lakes in Russian Federation and Kazajastan, ecologically clean. The cysts in this tube presentation are preserved in an oxigene free atmosphere, and then vaccum packed; both processes increase notably the viability of embrios and keep a long term hatching rate.

How to use:
Prepare saltwater with a salt concentration of aprox. 25-30 g/l (ppt). Optimal pH is 7.5-8.5 and hence it is beneficial to add 1g/l aprox of sodium bicarbonate (or alternatively use a synthetic aquarium salt). Optimal temperature is 28-30ºC, which can be easily achieved placing the hatching vessel inside a bigger container with a warm bath at that temperature.
The best hatching vessel is a conical one, inverted, with an open top and the vertex at the bottom, making sure that eggs don't settle down.
Add artemia cysts up to a maximum of 3 g/l. Provide a vigorous areation (without diffuser) to keep eggs in suspension (it's recommended to use a rigid air line that reaches the bottom vertex of the cone). You can add a bit of domestic bleach (1 ml/l) to eliminate pathogens and improve hatching a bit more, as bleach will soften egg shell (it is not neccessary to declorate afterwards).
A moderate lighting of hatching cone (1000-5000 lux) improves hatching rate and time.
Hatching takes place after about 20-30 hours, if conditions are suitable.

Once hatched, pour all the hatching cone content in a second tub, under a light (best if lateral to the tub), where you will allow for sedimentation for some minutes. Eggs will tend to accumulate at the top or the bottom of the tub, and swimming nauplii will congregate at mid water, near the light. At that moment you can already siphon nauplii, with the help of a air hose for example. Separation of nauplii form saltwater is achieved with a fine mesh (under 300 micron). Rinse under tap water and feed.


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Conditions for use:
see product specifications. Keep in a cool and dry place.

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