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Easy Reefs Rotifero (Easy Reefs), freeze-dried phytoplankton for rotifers, 15 gr

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Freeze-dried marine phytoplankton, ready to be hydrated to feed rotifers and enriching aquarium zooplankton. Content: 15 grams.

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Easy Reefs Rotifero is freeze-dried marine phytoplankton, ready to be rehydrated, for feeding rotifers and other zooplankton. You can also use it in your reef aquarium, be it directly or through enriched zooplankton, achieving better coral growth and color, as well as faster regeneration of coral tissues.

Composition: 100% marine microalgae (80% Nannochloropsis + 20% Tetraselmis)

Content: 15 grams (suitable for aprox. 150 dosings of 100 mg each).


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