AquaLighter Nano, led light for saltwater nano-aquarium

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AquaLighter Nano Marine, led light for saltwater nano-aquariums of up to 25 litres.

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AquaLighter Nano Marine is a mini lamp with LED technology designed for saltwater nano-aquariums up to 25 liters.
Incorporates the following leds:
- Cool White 6500-7000K
- Blue with a wavelength of 470 nm
- Green with a wavelength of 500 nm
- Hyper Red with a wavelength of 650 nm
- Deep Blue with a wavelength of 455 nm

Luminous spectrum of AquaLighter Nano Marine for saltwater

Its support clamp system allows the placement of the lamp subject to the aquarium glass, always that its thickness is equal to or less than 6 mm. Includes a power supply operating at 24V for your safety.

- Voltage and frecuency: input AC110~230V (50-60Hz) / output DC 24V, 350mA
- Light temperature color: 12000-15000K
- Power: 6.5W
- Min. luminous flux: 430 lm
- Max. recommended aquarium volume: 25 litres
- Protection rating: IP67
- Body color: black
- Size: 170 x 80 x 50 mm


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