ATI Fiji White Sand, size "L" (2-3 mm), 9 kg bag

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ATI FIJI White Sand is a extra-white sand with a grain size of 2-3 mm, sold in bags of 9 kg.

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ATI FIJI White Sand is a high purity, white gravel for saltwater aquariums (grain size 2-3mm).
It is characterized by many positive features such as:

1. Highest purity: 99.6% of pure calcium and magnesium compounds, making it one of the cleanest materials that you currently get on the market.
2. High reflection properties: due to its high purity, the color is particularly white, and hence very beneficial for reflective brightness in the aquarium, similar to nature where corals receive a significant portion of th light from below.
3. No more extreme drifts: because of its much higher density than comparable aragonit sand, Fiji White Sand will better remain in place when submitted to strong flow.

Application: it is recommended that you place a layer height of about 2cm for general purpouses. When creating deep sand beds (DSB), use at least a depth of 10-15cm. A good flow above the gravel is recommended.

The sand should be thoroughly rinsed several times before use in the aquarium, until the cleaning water is no longer milky / white.


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