H.E.L.P. Advanced Soil for Shrimp, 8 liters

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Advanced Soil for Shrimp is an all-natural, specially developed dark substrate for the purpose of keeping ornamental shrimps. Content: 8 liters.

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ADVANCED SOIL SHRIMP is an all-natural, specially-developed substrate for anyone who wishes to grow and breed shrimps happily and easily.

Particular components in ADVANCED SOIL PLANTS help to control pH and KH, making them lower in a short period of time. This creates close-to-nature aquatic environment, where shrimps grow well. ADVANCED SOIL SHRIMP contains a plenty of humic acids which assist in nurturing baby shrimps.

Presentation: naturally black-colored fine granules of substrate that highlight white and red colors of your ornamental shrimp. Content: 8 liters.

Instructions and precautions of use: Official HELP Shrimp Webpage


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