Culture medium / fertilizer for phytoplankton, Guillard F/2 formula, 125 ml

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Culture medium to culture your own phytoplankton, based in Guillard's F/2 formula.

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Our medium is based on the Guillard F/2 medium and is optimized for culture of microalgae (phytoplankton) of the genus Tetraselmis, Isochrysis, Monochrysis (Pavlova), Rhodomonas, Chlorella, Nannochloropsis, etc. It's been formulated and prepared specially for us by a specialized company in the algae culture and aquaculture sector.

The recommended dosage is 1 ml for every liter of culture water to achieve a F/2 concentration. With demanding species (e.g. Rhodomonas) we recomend you increase dosage by a 50%. You can also increase concentration with the other species, but keep in mind this will speed up growth, increase areation and lighting demand, and culture crash may happen easily if you don't reseed more frecuently.

This is the same culture medium we use in our own cultures. The product is sent sealed in a sterile bottle. Shelf life: 1 year. Please keep in mind you should use sterile pipettes or similar every time you take medium from the bottle to avoid contamination.



. NaNO3
. NaH2PO4~2H2O
. Ferric citrate
. Na2~EDTA
. Boric acid
. Na2MoO4~2H2O
. MnCl2~4H20
. Cr2O3
. ZnCl2
. CuSO4~5H20
. CoCl2~6H20
. SeO2
. Biotin
. Cianocobalamin (B12)
. Tiamin


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