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Flourish Glue (Seachem), adhesive for plants

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Special adhesive to attach moss and plant roots to rocks and wood, based on cyanoacrylate. Contains 2 units, 4 grams each.

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Flourish Glue attaches quickly and definitely moss and plants to rocks, wood and even decorative gravel own. There's no need for thread, wires, nylon or weights to fix plants and avoid they are washed away. Flourish Glue does not damage the plant tissues or release harmful substances into the water.

Instructions for use:
- Dry with paper towel the excess water from the surfaces to be bonded (not necessary they are completely dry).
- Dispense apart a small amount of adhesive to clean the applicator.
- Apply a small amount on the rock or wood and bring the plant strands or roots. Press lightly with a blunt and small object (such as the tip of a round stick), for about 20 seconds. Do not press with your fingers, because the skin will be easily attached.
- Clean the remains of the applicator tip after each application.

Contains 2 units, 4 grams each.


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