Mean Well LDD-700HW, dimmable driver for leds

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DC/DC "stepdown" driver, provides constant current up to 700 mA current and 52V output voltage. Dimmable by PWM. Prewired.

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MeanWell LDD-700HW driver is a DC/DC "stepdown" converter, i.e. a device which converts a DC input voltage (max. 56V DC input in this model) into a constant output current (dimmable by PWM) of variable voltage, according to load (output voltage will be always lower than input voltage, from 2V up to 52V max.). Needs an external DC power supply as a power source.

This driver can supply up to 700 mA current, dimmable from 0 to 100%. Heat is passively dissipated. LDD-700HW model comes prewired from factory making connections easier.

More information in the product's datasheet: technical datasheet for LDD-H drivers
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