Eheim 1200 universal pump

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Centrifugal pump for universal use, max. output 1200 l/h, pumps up to 2 meters.

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Eheim universal water pumps are perfect for a multitude of purposes, such as returning water from sumps, running external filters, feeding cascades in paludariums, etc. They can be directly submersed in the aquarium water, or connected externally with flexible hoses, which diminishes heat transfer to the aquarium. With a good efficiecy and quiet operation, these dependable pumps are always a good choice that give a long term service.

Main features:

  • Can be used submersed in the water as well as ouside the aquarium. The hermetically sealed impeller guarantees maximum safety.
  • Integrated pre-filter grid to prevent objects from entering the impeller.
  • Safe hose connection. Threaded hose barbs for intake/outlet included.
  • Assembly plate that enables different assembly options.
  • Low energy, less heat transfer to water.
  • Silent operation.
  • Ceramic shaft, suitable for fresh or salt water.
  • Optional screen prefilter intake.

Fitxa teknikoa

121 mm
178 mm
96 mm
230 volt.
28 watts
Pumping head (H max)
2 meters
Waterflow output
1200 l/h
Connection diameter
Hosebarb of 18 mm at inlet; hosebarb of 13 mm at outlet
For freshwater
For saltwater

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