Potassium nitrate (KNO3), 300g

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Potassium nitrate, high purity fertilizer (>99%, food grade), 300 grams

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Our potassium nitrate is sintetized chemical fertilizer presented in the form of a high purity powder (>99%). It is certified as food grade, therefore it has the lowest level of contaminants among all the synthetic fertilizers. It's packaged in a practical opaque, hermetic and sealed package.

Potassium nitrate is used as a fertilizer in plant aquariums where a high nitrate consumption is achieved. It shows an instant solubility. Moreover, it adds potassium, which can be also deficient in aquariums with a high level of plant growth.
Nitrate recommended values: 1-10 mg/l (optimal: 5 mg/l)
Potassium recommended values: 10-30 mg/l (optimal: 20 mg/l)

1 gram of pure potassium nitrate dissolved in 100 liters of aquarium water produce a rise of 6,13 mg/l in the nitrate concentration and 3,87 mg/l in the potassium concentration.

Content of the package: 300 gramos.


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