Vortech MP60w QD (EcoTech)

617,36 €
Wave-generating pump with variable flow, external motor and wireless driver. For aquariums ranging from 450-4000 liters. Flow: 13000-28000 l/h
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Vortech MP40w QD is a wave-generating pump for marine aquarium, with variable output flow and ultrasilent external motor (up to 90% less motor noise). Motor is placed outside the aquarium and coupled magnetically with the internal propeller through the glass pane (thickness from 10 to 25 mm).

QuietDrive represents the next evolution of the award winning VorTech Driver. It provides 6 continuous operational modes as well as Auto Tune, Feed Mode and Night Mode. Its wireless capability allows the interconnection of up to 8 wireless pumps (in synchronous mode, alternating or cooperative) and interconnection with EcoSmart Live through ReefLink.

Flow: 13000-28000 l/h
Consumption: 10-60W
For tanks ranging: 450-4000 liters.


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