Bubble-Magus Curve 29 Skimmer

495,04 €

Compact and highly efficient skimmer with two needle wheel pumps. Rated for aquariums up to 2500 liters.

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Bubble-Magus Curve 29 is a compact and highly efficient skimmer, featuring two Rock SP-4000 pumps with needle wheel rotor that produces a huge amount of air bubbles with the right size. Its bubble plate and double cone reduce turbulence and drive the foam upwards to the collection cup. It's designed to work submersed (for example, in a sump).

Power: 220VAC, 40W
Air intake: 1800L/H
Size: 450*380*650 mm
Capacity: for aquariums up to 2500L
Use: internal - Water level: 25/27 cm


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