aPUMP, compact and silent air pump

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Air pump / compressor with low noise and small size features, for aquariums up to 100 litres and a maximum pumping depth of 80 cm.

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aPUMP is a silent and compact air pump with unprecedented features

p>aPUMP is a compact air pump specially designed for aquariums from 10 to 100 liters of volume. It supplies the neccessary oxygen to the aquarium and moves water, being both two essential factors for a healthy aquarium. Aquarium air pump aPUMP is, according to its manufacturer, the smallest and most silent pump in the world.

The high air pressure produced by the aPUMP makes it possible to use it in aquariums with water level of up to 80cm! The patented technology inside leads to an unprecedented low noise level - less than 35dB.

Technical features of aPUMP

  • Power supply: 150-220VAC
  • Power: 1.5W
  • Noise level: <35dB
  • Size: 90.7 x 52.5 x 29.1mm
  • Includes a PVP air hose of 1,5 m and a diffuser.



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