Sponge and ceramics biofilter (Premium Filter, Discusfood), up to 350L

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Sponge and ceramics biofilter impulsed by airflow, with an excellent capacity of biological filtration, for aquaria up to 350 litres.

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This big Premium Filter by Discusfood is a sponge and ceramics biofilter designed to be run by air (pump not included). It provides excellent biological filtration and it's recommended by manufacturer for aquarium up to 350 litres of volume. We estimate the proper amount of air is about 0,5-1 litres per minute.

- Its central air lift provides an efficient water movement (litres/watt) and optimal oxygenation
- The external sponge stage ensures mechanical and biological prefiltration.
- The internal high-porosity-ceramic stage is ideal for nitrifying bacteria settlement and function.

- Width: 11.5 cm
- Height (sponges): 10 cm; (with base): 14 cm; (with the outlet pipe on): 23 cm


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