Red Sea Reef Foundation B, 500ml

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Alkalinity supplement (buffering capacity) for reef and other saltwater aquariums. Content: 500ml.

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The alkalinity is one of the fundamental elements as a pillar of the mineral and acid-base balance in saltwater aquariums. The ability of a water system to maintain a constant pH is based on the existence of buffer salts (buffers or buffers). Salts of water that counteract acidification are generically called "Alkalinity". Moreover, particularly in reef aquariums, a high level of calcification by invertebrates such as corals, clams, and coralline algae, etc, can lead to the consumption of carbonates and a lack and/or imbalance of alkalinity with other ions. Carbonates constitute over 90 % of the mass of the hard coral skeleton, essentially in the form of aragonite, but also in the form of calcite, magnesite , etc.

Reef Foundation B Red Sea is a liquid supplement that restores alkalinity aquarium easily. Contains sodium carbonate, potassium and other buffer salts (buffers).
Each 1 ml of Reef Foundation B increases alkalinity levels at 0.036 meq/L ( 0.1 dKH ), per 100 liters of aquarium water.
The pack contains 500ml.

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