Red Sea Reef Foundation C, 500ml

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Magnesium supplement in the form of a balanced complex, for reef and other saltwater aquariums. Content: 500ml.

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Magnesium, along with calcium and other divalent cations play an important role in the processes of calcification and precipitation of salts in the aquarium, both abiotic and biotic. Magnesium / calcium balance determines the composition of the salts of calcification, and the trend and rate of precipitation of calcium salts, thus exerting a modulatory effect. Optimal levels of magnesium in the aquarium should be between 1200-1350 ppm.

Reef Foundation C Red Sea is a liquid supplement that increases the concentration of magnesium in the aquarium easily.
Each 1 ml of Reef Foundation C increases levels of 1 ppm magnesium, per 100 liters of aquarium water.
The pack contains 500ml.

Red Sea

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