Red Sea Coral Colors A (Reef Colors A), 500 ml

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Red Sea Coral Colors A is a supplement with iodine and other halogens (bromine and fluorine), related to pink pigmentation in corals. Content: 500ml

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Red Sea Coral Colors A Supplement (formerly Reef Colors A) is integrated into the Red Sea Coral Coloration program, which includes complementary macroelements, microelements and trace elements. Coral Colors A contains Iodine and other halogens (bromine, fluorine) associated with many biological processes, among which is included the production of pink pigment (for example pociloporin) on the surface of the soft corals.

The halogens act both as antioxidants and oxidative agents within the soft tissue and mucus layer of corals, thereby reducing the chances of bleaching. In closed reef systems with high growth and activity (for example, in propagation tanks and/or show tanks) these elements are depleted very quickly, making it advisable to monitor the levels and to restitute them when necessary.

To achieve appropriate levels, is necessary to have a reliable measurement system of Iodine, dosing only when measurements are below the required levels. Alternatively, you can supplement in proportion to the amounts dosed of Red Sea Reef Foundation A (calcium + strontium), since the consumption of these elements is proportional to the rate of calcification.

The combined use of Coral Colors with NO3 : PO4- X ( NOPOX ) outperforms coloration.

Instructions of use: the addition of 1 ml of Coral Colors A per 100 liters of aquarium water causes an increase in the iodine concentration at 0.03 mg/l (ppm). Levels in natural seawater are about: 0.06 ppm iodine ; 65 ppm bromine ; 1.3 ppm fluoride, approximately, with variations according to different ecosystems. Package contents: 500ml.

Do not overdose. Signs of overdosing may be: a severe regression of the soft tissues of hard corals and pale coloration of soft corals. In case of overdosing, do a water change of 50% and reduce periodic supplementation to a 50 %.

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