Red Sea Coral Colors B (Reef Colors B), 500 ml

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Red Sea Coral Colors B is a supplement with potassium and boron, related to red pigmentation in corals. Content: 500ml

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Red Sea Coral Colors B supplement (formerly Reef Colors B) is integrated into the Red Sea Coral Coloration program, which includes complementary macroelements, microelements and trace elements. Coral Colors B contains potassium and boron which are associated with many biological processes, among which is included the production of red pigment (for example perinidin and neoperinidin) on the surface of the soft corals.

Potassium has also an important role in the transportation of nutrients through the coral soft tissues. Both boron and potassium increase alkalinity inside the coral tissues therefore enhancing the formation of aragonite (coral skeleton).

It is necessary to have a reliable measurement system of potassium, dosing only when aquarium levels are below the natural levels.

Instructions of use: the addition of 1 ml of Coral Colors B per 100 liters of aquarium water causes an increase in the potassium concentration at 1.75 mg/l (ppm). Levels in natural seawater are about 400 ppm potassium and 4.6 ppm boron, with variations according to different ecosystems. Package contents: 500ml.

Do not overdose. A common signs of overdosing is a darkening of the coral tissues due to the increased Zooxanthellae growth, as well as an increase of nuisance algae in the aquarium. In case of overdosing, do a water change of 25% and reduce periodic supplementation by 50%.

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