Red Sea Coral Colors C (Reef Colors C), 500 ml

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The Reef Colors C supplement contains iron, manganese, cobalt, and a total of 8 light metal microelements, related to the green and yellow coloration of invertebrates. Content: 500ml

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Reef Colors C supplement (formerly Reef Colors C) is integrated into the program Coral Coloration from Red Sea, which includes complementary macroelements, microelements and trace elements. Reef Colors C contains iron, manganese, cobalt, copper, aluminum, zinc, chromium and nickel, which play crucial roles in many metabolic processes including respiration and energy production as well as cofactors of chlorophylls and photosynthetic catalysts.

Color Coral C elements are related to the production and/or proper function of green and yellow pigments (chromoproteins). When establishing a routine supplementation is necessary to use a reliable iron test kit and supplement only when measurements are below the recommendations (see below).

Instructions: adding 1 ml Reef Colors C per 100 liters of aquarium water produces an increase in iron concentration of 0.02 mg/l ( ppm). Desirable levels in the aquarium are about 0.15 ppm. Package contents: 500ml.

Do not overdose. This mixture of microelements can be toxic to all invertebrates if overdosed, resulting in severe tissue regression in corals and stress to crustaceans. Early signs of overdose include darkening of coral tissue. In case of overdose, do a water change of 50% and periodic supplementation also reduced by 50 %.

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