Red Sea Coral Colors D (Reef Colors D), 500 ml

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Coral Colors D supplement is a complex of 18 trace elements among which are silver, gold, vanadium and tungsten, related to blue/purple color in corals and other invertebrates. Content: 500ml

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Coral Colors D supplement (formerly Reef Colors D ) is part of Coral Coloration Red Sea program that includes complementary macroelements, microelements and trace elements. Coral Colors D contains silver, gold, vanadium and tungsten, plus 14 other trace elements, which play an important role in various metabolic processes of the hard and soft tissues of corals. Coral Colors D elements are related to the production and/or proper operation of pigments (chromoproteins) with a blue / purple color.

When establishing a routine supplementation you'll need a reliable analysis kit for calcium and suplement proportionally to the demand for it, which is a direct function of coral growth.

Instructions for use: add 1 ml of Coral Colors D for each replenishment 20 ppm calcium per 100 liters of aquarium water. Package contents: 500ml.

Do not overdose. This mixture of trace elements can be toxic to all invertebrate if overdosed, resulting in severe tissue regression in corals and stressed crustaceans. Early signs of overdose include darkening of the corals. In case of overdose, a change of 50% water will be neccessary and reduce regular supplementation by 50 %.

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