ATI Blue Plus 39W, T5 fluorescent bulb

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Fluorescent T5 bulb that combines extraordinary blue output at 460 nm with actinic output centered at 420 nm, with high PAR readings ideal for coral growth.

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This fluorescent bulb combines the properties of a blue bulb (with a peak approximately on 460nm) with an actinic bulb (peaking at approximately 420nm), rendering an intense bluish light perfect for growing SPS corals and allowing for their natural fluorescence; at the same time this bulb achieves very high PAR numbers and hence helps increasing coral growth.

This image shows the spectral distribution of ATI Blue Plus T5 fluorescent bulb

ATI Blue Plus T5 bulb in its original package

We recommend you use this bulb as a supplement to metal halide bulbs or in combination with Aquablue Special, Purple Plus, or other full spectrum T5 bulbs. Can also be used for dawn/dusk applications.

Seriatopora calliendrum illuminated with specific blue light


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